We listening to our customers!

At Mungipa Electricals, listening to the customers and their needs is a tradition. For it is they who drive us further, making us reach higher, and engineer better solutions. In the customer’s often unspoken wish for better implements lays the seed for a new invention, a path-breaking industrial concept.

At Mungipa Electricals

Quality is a compelling reality!

That’s uppermost in our mind, translating into constant updating of technology, processes, machinery and resources. Our continuous quest for quality leads us to the pursuit of zero defect products through self-assessment, right from the suppliers to the shop floor. Every stage of the processes, from R&D to design, manufacture and from people to the machines, is monitored..

The finest quality brings on the biggest smile on a customer’s face and to us the customer and his satisfaction are of foremost importance. That is the reason why quality has become the yardstick for us to measure our efforts.