Our Vision

Our mision is best in The Service!

Business for us is the best service, customer care and a lifelong relationship..

We manufacture welders

for tube welding application.

Mungipa Electricals was established in 1987. Though it’s INDUCTION WELDING DIVISION, manufactures induction Welders for the pipe and tube industry. These tube welders with output power from 60kW to 400kW are used to manufacture ferrous and nonferrous pipes & tubes for automotive, structural, water/oil/gas lines and furniture industries. We manufacture welders for tube welding application.

There is a way we work that gives a new perspective to business. The way we manage that brings a new meaning to business relationship. Where business to business transactions are measured on an index of joy. It’s a reflection of the confidence of sheer professionalism at work.

Taking the load off the customer’s mind; giving more space, more time to revel in personal joys. And get more out of life. Call it a technology of bringing joy to our customers. For when you have Mungipa Electricals caring for your business interests, you have century old specialists working wonders for you.

Where are we headed?

We believe in synergy and its limitless power of unifying. It is not limited to us. It extends to the realms of customer/collaborator relations, investor interactions and into market trends analyses and technological advances. It is the only way we ensure that when an endeavor is made by several different elements, the result is of a far higher quality than what could have been achieved by each element acting alone. Our policies and practices help in treating the customer as the most important part of our family. We do work for profit but our profits are guided by the motives which suit best the customer needs.

How do we plan to reach there?

For Mungipa Electricals, engineering excellence is not an end, but a journey. An array of business solutions stands testimony to the fact, that good business values. Solutions, which are crafted from a solid base of developing and manufacturing, generate reliable products and superior service. Through which, continual measurement of customer satisfaction is offered. It’s a commitment rather than a ritual.

Today, we are in the process of concentrating our collective energies on core industry sectors to give us a sustainable competitive edge in terms of both quality and price.

Our customer base currently ranges from heavy industries like power generation, steel Tube Manufacturers and chemicals to the mechanic. Across this wide spectrum of clients, many of whom are overseas, the one thing that remains consistent is that they all matter to us and call us for more of our service, products and better solutions.